Why I Created This Site

Jake Died of Lymphoma 05/06/14 6 Years Old

Hi.  My name is Bella.  I’ve been a longtime advocate of health, organic foods, and being as natural as possible.  I’ve been eating organic foods for over 20 years and have tried to live my life as healthy as possible.

When I moved to California in the early 1990s, I was exposed to a lifestyle that I wasn’t aware of living on the east coast. I immediately took to this lifestyle and soaked in everything about health, organic foods, vaccines, pesticides, etc as much as I could. I changed my life and was doing an excellent job at taking care of myself. Or so I thought…

A couple years after living in Southern California, I kept getting weird health problems that didn’t make any sense. They would come and go so when I recovered I didn’t thing much of it. Fast-forward 20 years later, I am now disabled with Lyme Disease. Not only do I have Lyme Disease, by my best friend has it, her husband has it, both of their daughters have it (both are from previous marriages), her mom has it, her dad has it, and I keep running into countless other people who either have it or know someone that does.

Not only the Lyme Disease issue, but I have owned 4 dogs in the past 20 years and 3 of those 4 dogs have died of Cancer. What has been heartbreaking and perplexing to me is that I have done everything I could to give them a healthy life and yet they died of Cancer. What has baffled me is why this explosion of Cancer the past 3 decades? This didn’t make sense to me.

I decided to put up this site because I felt I needed to share whatever information I found out with those who wanted it. You might not agree with my postings and that’s okay. The only thing I ask you to do is take a step back and think about it. The purpose of this site is to help and empower those who are looking for information and/or answers. I hope it helps.


  1. Ana Mullner

    So sorry for your loss. He was beautiful.

  2. Shani Shenman

    I’ve been a long time health advocate as well and also was bothered by the amount of cancer these days. My sister had breast cancer at a young age (34 – to me that’s young) and thank goodness we caught it early and she worked through it. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. HealthNut

    Came across your blog and am interested in your direction. We need more education, data, and truth so people can be empowered. Much success to you.

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