My Adventures With TSA and Body Scanners

My Adventures With TSA and Body Scanners

One of the things I dread most is traveling – by plane.  I don’t like going to the airport and being treated like I’m a prisoner just to be able to fly (being searched and pat down – this is what is done to people in jail).

The airport I dislike the most is Denver Airport (DEN). Unfortunately I have to fly into this airport at least once a year to see my medical doctor about my condition. I unfortunately have to fly because driving is just too much for me as my exhaustion is overwhelming some days and it’s just not doable in my condition.

Every time I fly from Denver, I have to go through searches because I refuse to go through the scanner. The frustrating thing for me is that I often see them pick and choose people to go through the metal detector, but I’m always selected to go through the scanner. When I refuse, because I have opted-out, I have to be pat down and treated unfairly.

My latest trip, again, I was selected to be pat down because I didn’t want to go through the scanner. I was upset because I do feel I am being discriminated against. I am ill and I cannot go through these scanners (honestly no one should be going through these scanners for health reasons), and because I opt out, I am treated differently.

The agents at Denver Airport are not only rough at times (I find it very upsetting when they run their hands up my thighs and touch my private area – which is molestation by the way), but they are so misinformed about the equipment they are around. They tell me that the body scanners are safe, but the metal detectors (which I request to go through) are not – which is incorrect, it’s the other way around.

Body scanners at airports are NOT safe.

“No matter how many times the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) claims the machines are safe and pose no threat to travelers or personnel, naked body scanners that emit ionizing radiation are, indeed, a very serious health threat.”
Radiation Doctor Says TSA Naked Body Scanners Can Cause Cancer

“It has been known for decades that high doses of radiation injure or kill the heart and blood vessels,” Gofman said. “This study is about low and moderate doses accumulated over time. Each dose, no matter how low, produces mutations, so by the time you’re 50, all of these events have added to the mutation load in your cells.”
John W Gofman, Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology UC Berkeley

“Everybody that flys regularly will get cancer if he or she goes frequently through the Full Body Scanners in Airports, Courts or other government controlled places.”
Dr Leonard Coldwell

Metal Detectors are much, much safer because they do not expose you to ionizing radiation.

I can get a doctor’s note confirming my condition, but they don’t care. They push for me to go through the scanner and when I refuse, I’m treated like I’m doing something wrong. These people don’t even realize that working around this equipment isn’t safe either.

Claim: TSA Employees Now Developing Cancer Clusters From Standing Near Body Scanner Machines

“…statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays… No exposure to X-ray is considered beneficial. We know X-rays are hazardous but we have a situation at the airports where people are so eager to fly that they will risk their lives in this manner…” — Dr Michael Love, Biophysics and Chemistry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Radiation is never good. There is no benefit from radiation. If one can limit their exposure as much as possible, they have a fighting chance of not getting cancer.

It’s always okay to Opt-Out of Body Scanners. It’s best if you do. Your life could depend on it.